Dark Desires

Title: Dark Desires pt 1 of 3
Rating: NC-17
Pairing/Characters: Yonekuni & Shirou
Series: Sex Pistols
Part of: Alt Universe; Continuation fic to A surprise for two: 1 & 2 and Little Known Secret
Notes/Warnings: Set three years after Little Known secret. Someone has found out about Shirou and Tadakuni. Someone who wants to steal Shirou away. Story is smutty, corny, maybe a little dull (okay, maybe really, really dull) and dark. There’s kidnapping, attempted rape and a chase scene.

The feel of blankets being shifted, the body in his arms pulling away pulled Yonekuni from his sleep.  Sitting up and blinking his eyes to focus them, his gaze landed on Shirou’s bare ass.  What little light was out filtered through the curtains gave Yonekuni a teasing look at his lover, smirking to himself as he followed his lover into the bathroom.  He still had some time before he was scheduled to open, closing the door behind him as he watched the wolf shoot a look at him.  Closing in on Shirou, pushing him against the wall as he showed Shirou what he was exactly doing to his body.

It had been a little over three years since their son was born and Yonekuni’s idea of a coffee shop was booming.  Partially to the fact that the owner was attractive and the fact that the coffee he made seemed to get rave reviews from those who drank the brew he made.  When the shop first opened, Shirou had to fight back the jealousy that would rise up when young girls would openly flirt with him, attempting to attract them with their own pheromones.  And though he was taken, Shirou had watched Yonekuni flirt right back.  He knew that it was just business, but deep down, he was afraid that the blond would one day change his mind and leave him.

It would take Yonekuni a while to get a taste of his own medicine, but when he caught sight of several young male madararui surrounding him.  Talking with want in their voices and desire in their eyes riled him up to the point that he finally understood how Shirou felt.  A mess was created when it came to hiring part time employees.  There where some that actually wanted to work and then those who only wanted to be hired to be close to Yonekuni, to try and win his favor.  They didn’t last long, which was fine with Yonekuni as they made more of a mess and broke more dishes than he could count.

Spending some time with the blond in the shower, Shirou clung to Yonekuni as his lover lifted him up, wrapping his legs over Yonekuni’s hips as his back hit the shower wall.  Hot water rained down on them as Yonekuni nosed Shirou’s wet hair away from his ear, tracing the shell with the tip of his tongue.

Whispering into the wolf’s ear, his hot breath tickled Shirou as he did what Yonekuni wanted.  His hand slid down between them, Yonekuni’s movement seemed to slow down for him as his fingers curled around himself as he tried to match the rhythm of Yonekuni’s hips.  Yonekuni’s grip tightened on him, pulling further into his movements as he lost his rhythm, his hips trembling as he came.  Shirou groaned, coming soon after Yonekuni, their breath mingled as they came down from their high, pulling away from each other to clean up.

Drying his hair thoroughly, he dressed for work and headed downstairs to start up the coffee machines, knowing that the customers would start trickling in before the morning rush.  He knew he had Shirou’s attention as he walked away, could feel it burn against his back as the wolf would glance at him.  He knew of Shirou’s little breaks from writing, sneaking down the stairs and watching him work.  It stroked his ego to know that he inspired his lover in many ways.  Tying on his apron, he set to work preparing for the day ahead.

He couldn’t help himself watching Yonekuni walk away, his eyes trailing the blond’s body before shaking his head.  Straightening up the bedroom, checking in on Tadakuni and seeing the wolf pup still asleep in his room, Shirou eyed the package he bought yesterday while running errands for Yonekuni.  Entering the fancy store on impulse, hearing the finely dressed woman approached him and started talking to him and “womb worm” caught his attention.  Quieting the chattering pup in his arms, Shirou had thought of a second child before buying it with the thought of surprising Yonekuni.  But when he got home, seeing how busy the shop was, he put it off brining it up the subject to his blond lover.  A sigh before he got to work on the project his editor was pushing.

When he first submitted his story to several publications and as expected, nearly all of them rejected his book.  He never thought that the small publisher decided, in their own words, to gamble on the story he wrote.  To his and their surprise, it was a huge hit, selling out as soon as they hit the shelves and now, he was on the third book in the series.  As he worked, in the back of his mind, he toyed with the idea of how he was going to introduce the idea of another child with Yonekuni.  Saving his work, he got up when sounds of Tadakuni waking up.

Picking up his son and setting him on his feet, he watched as the young child stood in place.  Though he was young, he knew about pack hierarchy and waited patiently as Shirou helped him dress, grabbing his stuffed wolf before Shirou lifted him up, listening to the pup as he tried to talk.  His words laced with yips and a howl or two.  Setting Tadakuni down at the table, he fixed him something he could eat.  Something that he wouldn’t have to tear into and end up wearing it instead of eating it.  Glancing out the window as Tadakuni ate told him the shop was already open and most likely busy with the rush of people on their way to work or school.

Sounds from the window to the blond pup at the table, covered in a mess as well as the table.  He sighed and laughed to himself at Tadakuni’s smile, as if he was proud of making a mess.  Hefting the pup in his arms, he headed to the bathroom in his bedroom and stripped the dirty boy.  Turning on the water and setting it to just the right temperature before he rolled up his sleeves and washed the blond boy carefully.

Welcoming two more customers and taking their order, smiling when he told them it would be a moment.  As he left, he could hear the whispers between the two.  Whispers that made him feel good, even though he wouldn’t do anything about it.  The door chimed, alerting him to more customers.  Looking up and watched as his brother walked in with Noririn.  Nodding to them as they took their normal seats, seeing the nekomatta hovering over his mate, watching as the lightweight flowered at his brother.  He could remember when he was like that when Shirou was pregnant with Tadakuni.  Taking their orders, he headed back  It would be a little while until the people he hired showed up for their shifts and until then, he would have to wait before going upstairs for break.

They never knew that word had gotten out about a species in Japan thought to be extinct was, in fact alive.  Though they where few in numbers, only four was known, they became the pride of their country.  A National Treasure.  Though no one knew who they where, all documents pertaining to them had been sealed for their own protection.  Someone from the west had gotten wind of the news of a heavyweight dog in the east, a heavyweight dog with pure blood.  By the time he heard the news, all he could get was the fact that it was a breed or rather, a species thought to be extinct in a country.  And being somewhat of a collector and on the hunt of a bitch to bare his child.  After all, those few heavyweight dogs out there where either too old or too young to mate with and still, so few in numbers around the world.

Finally seeing barista he hired, he gave a sigh as she slipped her apron on and started, taking the customers their orders.  Slipping off his apron and hanging it up on the hook, Yonekuni headed upstairs.  As soon as he had the door opened, a shriek as Tadakuni ran into his legs, falling backwards.  Naked as the day he was born and dripping wet.  A glance up as Shirou came limping in, his shirt and pants soaked, holding a towel and sighed with relief when he saw Yonekuni holding up Tadakuni.

Walking as much as he could to his lover, the worried look on Yonekuni’s face said it all.  And while he would limp a little after being taken so roughly by Yonekuni, this wasn’t the case.  “It’s okay,” Shirou waved it off, not wanting to worry the blond.

Yonekuni wasn’t buying it as he took in Shirou’s wet appearance and narrowed his eyes at his naked son, a low sound rumbling out of his chest.  Ears laid back in submission to the pack leader, along with that bushy tail of his being tucked between his legs.

“Its really okay, Yonekuni,” Shirou murmured as he took the naked pup from his arms.  “I only fell, just a little sore.”  Shirou admitted with a laugh, a little more than sore was his pride at letting a wet and naked three year old get loose.  This one of the many times he was glad that they had pitched in to make the apartment above the shop soundproof.  Not only because of the pup, but also for the fact that they didn’t want anyone to hear them while they where together.

Dressing Tadakuni in an outfit that Karen had given Tadakuni, Shirou set the pup down and expected to see the blond pup take off, run off naked again.  Yonekuni must have scared their son straight for a little bit and for that, he was grateful.  Leaving his newly dressed son to play with his toys, Shirou wandered into their bedroom, surprised to see Yonekuni holding up the bag he bought yesterday.  A raised eyebrow, Shirou fidgeted under the blond’s gaze as his body answered Yonekuni’s pheromones.  Shivering, he licked his lips.

“I bought that on im-impulse, I’ve been thinking about another child.”  He said in his own defense, expecting his blond lover to say something negative about the idea for another child.  Silence was his response, seeing Yonekuni deep in thought over this, the corners of Yonekuni’s lips twitch.

This time he had a choice in this and at this moment, he wasn’t sure if he wanted to say yes or no to the idea.  Putting the bag back down, he walked past Shirou without saying a word to the wolf or their pup.  When the door closed to their apartment, Shirou closed his eyes and breathed deeply.  A tug on his pants and he looked down, picking up Tadakuni, holding him close.

“Mama,” came the hesitant voice as Tadakuni reached up to touch his cheek, brushing away a stray tear.

“It’s okay, Tadakuni.”  He smiled for his son, watching as the blond wolf pup smiled at his words and twitched his ears.  He smiled as the pup wagged his tail.  “Why don’t we go downstairs, hmm?”  He asked Tadakuni, who gave a yip in happiness.  Carrying the happy pup down the stairs then slipping his shoes on before entering the shop.  The rich aroma of coffee and tea hit his nose as he smiling faces of the customers.  Spotting Kunimasa and Norio at their usual table, he joined them.  Sitting Tadakuni in his lap, who seemed to enjoy the attention he was getting from others.

His eyes narrowed as he watched his lover talk to his brother and Noririn.  The smile and laugh, to see Noririn hold Tadakuni in his lap.  He shouldn’t be jealous, his brother had a partner of his own.  A partner he treated and treasured so much.  He just didn’t like the idea of Shirou getting close to other males, even if they where his own brother and his brother’s partner.

A call for his attention as a customer wanted more, taking his mind off the problem at hand.  Glancing out of the corner of his eye, he caught Shirou looking at him.  From his spot, he could see the hope in those gray eyes before the wolf turned back to Norio, when the lightweight said something, causing him to laugh.  Gritting his teeth when male patrons glanced in Shirou’s direction, curious about him.  He gave a sigh of relief when his brother and Noririn paid for their drinks and left, watching as Kunimasa stuck close to Noririn.

A look at the clock hanging off the wall, Shirou hefted up the pup after seeing him yawn.  Stealing one last glance at Yonekuni from behind, looking away when h caught himself fantasizing about him.  Once upstairs and putting the child down for a nap, Shirou sat down and got to work.  Lost in his fantasy world, the sound of the bedroom door closing startled him.  Looking up, seeing his blond partner standing in front of him, his apron still around his hips.  Saving his work, Shirou only had enough time to put his laptop off to the side when Yonekuni pulled him up to his feet and whispered against his lips, nipping when he finished.  The words seemed to echo in his ears as he flushed.  A lick to sooth the wound on his lip before Yonekuni was gone, heading back downstairs to work.

He felt like a teenager all over again, as if he was back in the hotel.  ‘But this time,’ he thought to himself, ‘Yonekuni agreed to it.’

Putting his laptop away, he knew he couldn’t get anything done.  Reading over the instructions, he sighed.  There was one thing he needed to do before tonight.  Quickly, he made a short list before picking up Tadakuni from his bed, waking him in the process before grabbing his wallet and headed down stairs, out the back way.  Slipping the hood over Tadakuni’s head, covering his skin and ears from the sun and the stares of others.

Bumping into someone as they walked, he apologized for not seeing them.  He didn’t see the curious look the tall stranger sent him, didn’t see the narrowing of eyes when he heard sounds the young child make.  Dark eyes watched the slightly smaller male and child walk away, seeing the hint of a tail peeking out.  The corner of his lips twitched at the thought of finding the one person he had been searching for for so many months.  He wasn’t exactly sure, but decided to follow behind, eying his new prey.

Shifting Tadakuni to his other arm, he entered the store.  Handing the basket to Tadakuni, he headed down the isles for the items on he wrote on his list.  Halfway through shopping, he felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand up.  Someone was watching them.  Seeing Tadakuni opening his mouth, Shirou gave his son a look and a low sound in his throat.

Clamping his lips shut and held back any sounds, lest he get into trouble.  Watching with wide eyes, Tadakuni clung to his mother, feeling the arm around him tighten.  Under the hood he wore his ears flattened against his head in fear, his tail tucking upwards as he clung tightly to his mother.  Looking up to see his mother’s face, seeing the concentrating look on his face before trying to be like that.  He concentrated as much as he could and finally felt it.  Tears started gathering in his eyes, biting down on his lip to hold back the cry that wanted to escape.

Seeing tears in his son’s eyes, Shirou took one last look around.  Spotting just one person who seemed a little confused as he looked at the shelves.  Sensing nothing from him, Shirou sighed with relief, shifted the pup in his arms and continued shopping, unaware of the person following him.

Cursing to himself as he let his aura slip before quickly pulling back.  He couldn’t help it though.  He had been searching for months and when he finally encountered the one he was looking for, he nearly blew it.  When he saw the child in his arms, he smiled to himself.  ‘If he already had one, there was a high chance that he could have another.’  He thought to himself, following the male and his child from far behind, wanting to know where he lived.  No, not wanted, he needed to know.  Watching the two enter a small shop from the back before heading back to his hotel, making a mental note of the shop and of where they lived.

Setting Tadakuni at the table and fixing him some lunch, he started on dinner preparations.  He couldn’t eat, but that wouldn’t stop him from making something for Yonekuni.  Setting aside the one time he bought with embarrassment, reading the instructions carefully.  Once he was sure that Tadakuni had finished eating and tucked away from a nap, Shirou slipped off his clothes and stepped into the shower.  He took his time cleaning himself up and out before drying off.  Pausing in the bathroom, eying the two bottles of lube on the counter, he grabbed the nearly empty one and covered his fingers with the slick substance.  Taking his time to provide the right about of lubrication before tossing the now empty bottle in the trash and washed his hands throughly before getting dressed.  Heading back into the kitchen, he finished the dinner preparations.

In the shop below, Yonekuni finished up the paperwork for the day, sighing when he heard the door chime.  Having told the few people he employed to go home with their paychecks, he got up to meet the customer that entered.  He smiled at the small girl that blushed, he didn’t have the heart to tell her the shop was closed and instead, took her order.  Listening to her talk as he made her drink, he looked at the piece of paper she slid to him after paying for her drink.  As she walked out, looked at the phone number she written down before crumbled the paper up and throwing it away.  In the past, he would have taken her up on the offer the silently made.  Nowadays though, he only wanted one person who could make him melt in so many ways.

Cleaning up the machine again, Yonekuni headed upstairs.  Glad that the day was over and he could be with his partner.  He couldn’t help the nervousness he felt at the prospect of what was to happen after dinner.  He knew that they had a higher chance of Shirou getting pregnant again while he was young, instead of waiting a few more years.  Since if they waited, both of their fertility lowers significantly and would make it nearly impossible.  Entering the apartment, the sight of Shirou standing the in kitchen.  His body swaying a little as he hummed and he couldn’t help but follow the movement with his eyes.  Finding himself moving, molding himself against the strong back, nuzzling the bare neck and pulling Shirou by the hips.  Rubbing himself against the wolf, he pulled the knife out of Shirou’s hands.

“Hmmm,” Yonekuni murmured against Shirou’s neck, nibbling where he nosed against.  Rubbing his nose along the jawline of his partner, breathing deeply and taking in the sweet scent before pulling away.  Eating quietly, he watched as the wolf cleaned up.  Wondering why he wasn’t eating, but then actually thought about it.

Checking in on his sleeping pup, Yonekuni stripped off his clothes and dropped them in the corner, knowing that Shirou would say something later.  Picking up the expensive looking box, he flushed a little at the thought.  After several years together, he knew a lot about his lover’s body.  Knew where to touch to have him completely at his mercy.  Where to touch that turned Shirou on to the point where the wolf would take over.  But this was the first time for him doing something like this.

The sound of the bedroom door opening, revealing the one he was thinking about.  Blue eyes narrowed as Shirou stood there, looking like he first did in the hotel.  Only this time, they weren’t locked in a hotel room.  It wouldn’t be later until Yonekuni wished he locked Shirou up.  Shivering, Yonekuni walked the few steps to the doorway and pulled the wolf in.  He could see the hint of a smile on his lover’s lips as he sat on the bed, pulling Shirou down onto the bed.  His fingers trailed up and under the shirt the male wore, to a sensitive spot that was just below the base of his neck.  His fingertips brushing against skin, feeling the heavyweight grasp on his shoulders tighten.

Ducking his head as he lifted Shirou’s shirt, trailing his tongue up hard muscles and flicked the pale nipples, watching as they hardened.  Large hands lifted the shirt off the wolf then slid down his back, slipping in to cup the ass hidden by pants.  Hands pulled free, he licked at his fingertips, covering them with Saliva as Shirou flushed.  Pulling the wolf closer to him as he laid back against the bed, his wet fingers trailing back down and inside.  Pushing against the hole, his head jerked back in surprise.

“What have you been doing while I was working?”  Yonekuni asked, pushing his fingers against the hole.  The lube he found allowed his finger to slide in easily, slipping a second finger in, the blond nuzzled the arched neck.  His fingers pulled away as he pushed Shirou up then off of him and onto his back.  Getting up, he grabbed the box and slide the device and the small, fragile womb worm from its container.  Sounds from the bed caused him to look up from the box, seeing Shirou push his pants down his hips and revealing the pale skin of his ass.  Swallowing heavily, Yonekuni watched Shirou’s movements, which allowed him to see the hole his fingers had teased.  He wanted to sink himself inside Shirou’s body and flood his lover with his cum.

A shake of his head, reminding himself that he had a different purpose tonight.  His hand against Shirou’s back, pushing him flat against the bed and ordering the heavyweight to keep his hips up.  Seeing hands clench the bedding, the look Shirou sent him over his shoulder.  Sliding his hand away from his back and over the smooth, pale rump and inward.  “Who would have guessed,” Yonekuni chuckled as Shirou’s ass accepted his finger easily.  “That the former class president likes it like this,” the last part whispered harshly, biting one of the pale cheeks.

Burring his head into the bedding, trying to hide his embarrassment as Yonekuni continued to talk, rubbing the bite mark he left.  It was only Yonekuni who made him feel this way, only one who he wanted to see him like this.  Whimpering when Yonekuni’s finger pulled away, only to return with the device that came with the womb worm.  Biting his lip to hold back the cry as the device was pushed inside, stopping at just the right place.  The soothing hand along his back and around as Yonekuni brought him to rest against his chest.  Hands slide down behind him, down the hard stomach, encountering the hard flesh that had been rubbing against him.  His fingers curled around the hard cock.

“It looks like I’m not the only one,” Shirou gave the look a look as his hand moved the way Yonekuni liked and wanted.  A brief and awkward angled kiss to the blond’s chin, his teeth nipping at the skin as he slid his hands down his own body.  He wanted to feel pleasure again, pulling away from the reptile as he laid against the pillows.  Closing his eyes and touching himself, he knew that Yonekuni was watching him.

Frozen in his spot, transfixed on the scene Shirou provided.  His blood seemed to boil when Shirou started touching himself, knowing tht he was right there to see it.  Feeling himself twitch in excitement, he reached out to join his hand with Shirou’s.  Crawling over Shirou’s legs, pinning him down with his weight as he bent over the wolf, dropping kisses and marks in his wake.  Slapping Shirou’s hand aside, he reached for the tip, rubbing his thumb and smearing the pre-cum onto his thumb.  Lifting his thumb to his nose, he sniffed.  A guttural moan at the smell, the pure musk that belonged to Shirou only.  Sliding his hand down, grasping his cock and stroking himself, spreading the fluid that was on his thumb over his flesh.

Tossing back his head to shake away his bangs, he looked into gray eyes before moving forward and knelt above the wolf’s broad chest.  His lover got the hint as his hand took over, lifting his head to lick at the crown of his cock.  Blue eyes watched as lashes lowered over grey eyes, Shirou pushed Yonekuni off him and the smile sent his way.

“I couldn’t reach you properly,” he explained, pushing Yonekuni down so he could kneel between the blond’s long legs.  With perfect access, he ducked down and licked up the beading fluid, tasting the raw flavor of Yonekuni.  A brief glance upwards to see blue eyes watching, clouded with desire.  He fidgeted under the strong gaze before trailing his tongue along the hard member.  Sucking the tip into his mouth, gently scraping the sensitive skin and dipping his tongue the little slit at the top.

Feeling strong fingers running through his hair and jerking his head upwards.  Fingers rubbed along his lips, slipping inside.  Licking at the fingers in his mouth, sucking and nipping at the tips as his hand tightened around Yonekuni’s cock.  His hand moved as his mouth sucked on Yonekuni’s fingers.

His body trembled as Shirou’s hand worked him just enough to tease and no more.  Pulling his fingers away, hauling his lover up on his lap and taking the both of their cocks in his hand in attempt to bring the both of them off at the same time.  A second hand joined his as Shirou tried to help.  Licking at parted lips, Yonekuni panted harshly as he got closer, whispering things he wished he could do to his lover.  Wanted to fuck him, take him and bath the wolf in his scent.  Groaning out Shirou’s name as he came, just seconds after his lover.

Coming down, their breathing still rapid, Yonekuni wanted more.  Smearing his cum covered hand across Shirou’s chest, Yonekuni pulled him down for more, their sounds lasting well into the night and early morning.

Slowly awakening the next morning, Yonekuni pulled away from his lover’s arms, though reluctant to leave the warmth.  Heading off to the bathroom to wash away the dried remnants of the night before.  By the end of the night, Yonekuni was still amazed by the wolf’s mouth.  The feel of sharp canines nipping at his skin hard enough to leave marks, yet soft enough to caress sensitive skin of his cock.  Drying off, he looked in the mirror to see the bite marks across his chest and down.  Wrapping a towel around his waist and walking back into their bedroom to see the covers that had become tangled in Shirou’s legs, the wolf’s back to him.

Reaching his hand out, rubbing his palm against the pale ass that was dotted with bite marks.  It had been nearly twelves hours since he inserted the device into Shirou and now, a quick look at the clock on the nightstand.  Fingering the base of the device before gently grabbing it and a slow pull, trying to keep from waking the wolf.  A soft sound as Shirou’s body gave up the device.  Tossing the item with the broken capsul in the trash before pulling the blankets up to cover the wolf’s naked form.

Quickly getting dressed, nearly tripping over the wide awake pup who looked happy to see him.  Scooping Tadakuni in his arms, changing the talkative pup then fixing his hungry child something to eat and drink.  Carrying his son in one arm while trying to juggle the food he quickly put together, he gave a sigh of relief when he reached the shop.  Setting his son at a small table close to him, slipping a booster seat under the pup to allow him to reach the table, he started the coffee machines before customers started trickling in.  He nodded as Tadakuni chattered away, making no sense with his words that where laced with yips and a howl.  Just before unlocking the door, he wiped Tadakuni’s face free of the mess he made before handing him his juice.

Several of his regulars came in, each giving Yonekuni their greeting before looking questioningly at the quiet pup.  Usually when the blond haired boy was in the shop, he was normally chatty and charmed everyone, but for some reason he was unusually quiet.  They thought nothing of it as they spent their morning gossiping with other customers and flirting with Yonekuni, who took it in stride.  Several school girls came in, like they usually did, cooing over Tadakuni before turning their to Yonekuni to order and attempt to flirt.  They didn’t see the dark look the older blond shot them.  He was on the edge today for some reason, despite waking up in a good mood.  Watching as several customers leave, the strong presence at the door caught his attention.  His eyes narrowed as the stranger entered, a smile on his face that belied his true intentions.

The door closed, leaving the shop with only a handful of people inside as the stranger walked in and took a seat and looked up at Yonekuni, the smile still in place.  A deep inhale of breath.  “This place sure smells of dogs,” he murmured, sliding a glance at the little pup that paled at the sight of him.

Forcing down the disgust he felt, Yonekuni tried to bring the stranger’s attention back to him, but the stranger paid him no heed.  Watching with wide eyes as his son’s ears laid flat before his soul came out.  Slide from the booster seat, scrambling on the tile floor before gaining traction and hide behind the counter, by Yonekuni’s feet.  Slamming his hands on the counter, he let his soul flare, starling the male with a deep sound from his chest.  “I don’t know what you want, but leave.  And don’t come back!”  Eyes narrowing even further as the smile on the stranger’s face widened, watching him stand and start to walk away.  “You can’t watch him all the time,” he said over his shoulder, letting his soul slip out just a little before pulling it back inside.

The shop was silent, all eyes on the irate blond and the faint whimpering of Tadakuni at his feet.  Several of his regulars, some madararui and some not, voiced their outrage and offered to keep an eye out.  To let him know if they see that guy again, especially if he was close to the coffee shop.  Yonekuni nodded as he withdrew his soul, feeling the trembling of the wolf pup at his feet.  He said nothing when he noticed the puddle under Tadakuni’s paws.  Something about that man, scaring a heavyweight wolf pup to the point he wet himself and refused to disspell his soul.  Keeping the pup close, mindful of his wet paws and bottom, he cleaned up the mess throughly.  Excusing himself from the shop, leaving an employee in charge for a few minutes as he carried Tadakuni close, making a bee-line to the bathroom.  Gently placing the pup on the floor, he touched the child’s forehead with his fingers, he dispelled Tadakuni’s soul and stripped him of his soiled clothes.  Filling the bathtub with warm water, he placed his son in and started washing him.

“Yonekuni?”  Shirou’s voice came from the doorway before approaching him.

Looking up from his crouch, Yonekuni sighed and asked Shirou to hand him a towel.  With the towel, he lifted the wet child and wrapped him up tightly.  He never was good with words as he explained to Shirou what had happened a little bit ago.  He saw Shirou’s eyes widen, then narrowing when Shirou started to explain.”Yesterday, I felt someone staring and following us in the store, but it stopped so quickly that I didn’t pay that much attention.”  A curse under his breath before handing Tadakuni to Shirou and getting up.

‘Who was he and what did he want?’  He thought to himself later as he served the last of the customers in the shop, watching them leave before cleaning up.  He debated calling up Kunimasa, but he had his own problems with chasing away anyone who came sniffing around Norio.  A deep breath, he pushed away the thoughts for now, locking up then headed upstairs.

Even before he entered the apartment, Shirou’s scent hit his nose, his scent that was laced with something he hadn’t smelt since that fateful night.  Feeling his face heat up the minute he stepped inside, closing the door and bolting the lock.  The apartment silent, Tadakuni down for the night as he approached Shirou and pulled him close.  He was worried by those words from earlier as his large hands held the wolf and pulled him even closer, resting his head against the curve of Shirou’s shoulder.

His hunger forgotten as Shirou’s pheromones went straight to his head, worry was forgotten momentarily as he pulled Shirou to the couch.  His hands sliding down the back of pants, fingers seeking out the hole while his other hand palmed the hard flesh.  Dragging his lips down the back of Shirou’s neck, licking the base of the heavyweight’s neck.  Nosing the spot he just licked, his fingers made quick work of Shirou’s pants, pulling down the now loose clothing.  As the clothing pooled at their feet, Yonekuni rushed and fumbled with his own button and zipper, pulling his pants down far enough to free himself.  ordering Shirou to spread his legs, watching as his lover did what was ordered of him.

Stepping out of his pooled pants, Shirou knelt on the edge of the couch.  Bracing his hands on the furniture, biting his lip to hold back the sounds as fingers pushed against his hole, slipping inside and teasing him with light brushes against the one spot that drove him crazy.  Looking over his shoulder, barely seeing the top of Yonekuni’s head as he felt a bite on his lower back.  Fingers withdrew as he started pushing back, a low whine before Yonekuni turned him around and sat him on the couch.  Arms wrapped around his waist as the blond nuzzled into his stomach.

His eyes closed, he soaked up the heat his partner gave off.  The worry that he had forgotten started coming back.  Feeling a hand brushing aside his bangs and whispering his name.  Pulling Shirou’s head down and kissing him softly, he conveyed his feelings and worries through his body.

He didn’t want to get up the following morning, didn’t want to greet the day.  He just wanted to spend more time with his lover, who was still putting out those pheromones that drove him crazy.  Groaning as he got up from the bed, fed and dressed the pup before eating the food that Shirou had prepared the night before.  Picking up the chattering pup and walked to the window, his eyes scanned the neighborhood in the darkness of the morning.  Heading downstairs to start up the coffee machines, he didn’t notice the lingering figure across the street.

Watching his every move, he knew he had to make his move soon, didn’t want to tip off others.  Though, if he was going to be truthful to himself, he knew he had already alerted someone of his intentions.  He could feel himself shiver, feel his soul stir with excitement of the prospect of mating with that rare heavyweight.  Of having a child with pure wolf blood.  A pure blooded wolf with no taint of others.  He didn’t care what he was doing would harm the one he had chosen.  Didn’t care that he was breaking the law.  All that mattered was to steal away the one he wanted.  He wondered if he could make that heavyweight beg for him, beg him to do all kinds of things to him.  He knew he had to several more hours to put his plan into action and until then, he would finalize everything.  Pulling out his cell phone, he faded into the shadows as he called the pilot he hired to set everything up.

Slowly awakening when he felt the bed dip a little and the familiar scent of his pup reach his nose.  Smiling sleepy, he pulled his son into his arms and closed his eyes, so tempted to go back to sleep but he had so much to do.  Putting Tadakuni on the floor, he headed for the bathroom to wash the mess from last night.  Blushing when he remembered Yonekuni taking him over and over again.  First in the living room then several times in the bathroom.  As he walked into the cool bathroom, he could feel the remnants of Yonekuni’s cum slowly trickle out and down the back of his thighs.  He wished he could spend the whole day and more in bed with his lover.  Spend time like they did back in the hotel room so long ago.  But they couldn’t, not with a shop to run and a three year old.  A three year old with a mischievous side that was starting to appear.

Poking his head out of the shower at the sound of the bathroom door opening, he caught Tadakuni peeking in.  A sigh, telling the blond wolf pup to stay put as he shut off the water and quickly got out to take away the lube he grabbed off his and Yonekuni’s night stand.  “Really, Tadakuni,” removing the pup’s clothes, Shirou tossed the ruined clothes to the floor and brought the blond wolf into the shower with him to wash the lube off his son’s face.  “Sometimes I wonder about you,” he both scolded and laughed as he relaxed in the hot water after cleaning up the dirty pup.

Watching as Tadakuni wiggled away from his arms and climbed out of the bath.  A few minutes more in the water before he got out, wrapping a towel around his hips then wrapping a towel around the naked pup.  “I swear, you’re becoming more like your father more and more,” he compared the young child to Yonekuni’s liking to being in the nude.  Getting dressed, carrying Tadakuni to his room and dressing him before setting him down in his chair.  Fixing the pup something to snack on while he fixed something to take down to Yonekuni.  A glance out the window, seeing the sin rising over the houses and buildings before turning to Tadakuni.

He knew that the both of them needed to set the pup down and teach him how not to show his soul around anyone, especially after what Yonekuni told him.  Cleaning up, he slipped his shoes on and Tadakuni’s shoes on before grabbing the food he made and Tadakuni’s hand, leading him down the stairs.  Entering the shop quietly as he could, not knowing that he had everyone’s eyes on him, including Yonekuni’s gaze.  He didn’t notice anyone other than the blond as he handed him the bento he made.

Snapping a look at those who stared at Shirou with longing, watching them pale and advert their gaze elsewhere.  Maybe it would have been a good idea to have closed the shop for a week, leave their son with Karen and spend a week together.  He flushed a little when he remembered the heated cries and the groans from the night before, glad that the counter was high enough to hide his erection.  The feel of Shirou’s hands brushing across his arm stirred him hotter as he pulled his lover and pup into the supply room.  Leaving the door slightly ajar, he pulled Shirou into his arms.

“Be careful, okay?”  He advised his wolf.  In normal conditions, he wouldn’t worry but because of the bad feeling he was getting, the stranger from yesterday and the pheromones that Shirou was giving off.  A deep breath, a soft kiss to Shirou’s lips before telling the wolf to be careful one last time.  Watching as his lover left, he returned to the front of the shop.  The sound of whistling from the few madararui in the shop.  He didn’t notice the small female get up and walk out of the shop.  He would regret not locking his lover up and keeping him away.

The morning chill had lifted as the sun continued to climb as they reached the park.  the minute he let go of Tadakuni’s hand, he was off.  Following after the quick pup, Shirou swept up from behind him, grabbing Tadakuni as he ran.  The yip of surprise and excitement as he swung the pup around, watching as Tadakuni kicked his feet before he pulled his son closer.  When he heard the sound of someone approaching, he was on his guard.

“Really, he’s such a cute one,” came the smooth voice as a tall stranger walked towards him, hands stuffed in pockets.  The closer the stranger got, the stiffer Tadakuni became, clutching onto him tighter.  The overwhelming aura he felt two days ago reappeared as his heart raced in nervousness.  Before he knew it, the stranger was right in front of him.  There was something about him as he shook his head and took a step back.  “It’s too bad,” the male said as he continued to walk forward.

For every step back Shirou made, the male would would take a step closer.  “You don’t seem to be reacting to my pheromones at all, but yours,” a deep inhale.  “Seems to be working on me,” he lifted his hand, reaching out to brush his fingers across Shirou’s cheek.  His skin as soft as he had imagined it would.  He didn’t expect to get his hand slapped away or the warning sound emerging from his prey’s chest.  “I really didn’t want to do this, but I’ve got no choice.”  He answered Shirou’s warning sound with one of his own, louder and deeper, shocking the one he wanted and snatched the blond wolf pup out of his prey’s arms.

“You see, months ago I got word that there was a species that was thought to be extinct.  A species with pure blood.  A wolf.  You can’t believe how happy I was to hear that.”  He smiled an empty smile, his eyes narrowing.  “All other wolves through out the world are either too old or too young to breed.  And lets not for get that a wolf of pure blood is even more rare to find.”  His grip on the pup tightened as he pulled out a knife and held it to Tadakuni’s throat.  “I really didn’t want to do it this way, but if you’re not going to react to my pheromones, than I must do this.”  Pressing the knife to the pup’s throat, watching gray eyes widen.  “Now, if you don’t want your son,” he seemed to spit out the son part, his disgust to a pup that wasn’t of pure blood.  “To be harmed, than you’ll do as I say.”  He could see his hands clench and his body shaking, his soul flaring and teeth bared.  Pressing the knife closer to the child’s throat, ignoring the cry of pain as the sharp blade cut into the pup’s skin, knowing that he was drawing blood.  Could see him giving up and smiled to himself.

“Now, if you’ll follow me, we have a flight to catch,” jerking his head in the direct where a rented car pulled up to the curb.  “Any sound or cry for help you make, I won’t hesitate to cut your child to pieces.”

Shirou felt himself shiver at the cold words the stranger spoke, as if was enjoying this.  He looked into his son’s eyes, seeing tears poured down his redden cheeks.  He couldn’t bear to look down further, to see the knife to his son’s throat and his blood.  Swallowing down his fear, he nodded and followed the light haired male to the car and as soon as the car door closed behind him and pull away from the curb did Tadakuni let loose.  Howling with fear as he cried, reaching for his mother.

Shirou closed his eyes.  He wanted nothing more than to pull his son into his arms and soothe him, but the knife was still present against Tadakuni’s throat and from the look in the stranger’s eyes, he wouldn’t hesitate to hurt his son.

“We wouldn’t have to go through all of this if only you reacted to my attraction pheromones.  But that’s okay.”  He said, smiling and ignoring the disgusted look Shirou gave him.  “It seems as if you prepared yourself for me.  Just for me.”  Excitement filled him, he was nearly there in making this rare, one in a million breed his.  The prospect of having a child with pure wolf blood, not a taint of another species, just wolf.

The ride to the airport was uneventful as Shirou gave low sounds out of his throat, attempting to soothe the hiccuping Tadakuni.  Bypassing the main terminal to the private airfield and pulled up to a privately owned jet.  The door opened for them by the driver, Shirou got out first, reluctant to have his son out of his sight.

The sight of armed guards, guns pointed at him.  “I thought you might take off as soon as I hand your son to you.  So, just for extra caution, these guards will be with us to our destination,” he explained as he tossed the child to him.  Catching Tadakuni in his arms, feeling his baby curl up in his arms and burying his head against his neck.  The feel of cold metal poking him in the back, pushing him up the steps and into the aircraft.  Pushing into one of the seats, he turned to the one who kidnapped them.  The sound of the jet door closing and the engines starting up, the jolting of the aircraft taxing to the runway.  Buckling himself in and hold his pup close, he listened as the male talked.

“I bet after hearing me talk, you’re wondering what I’m going to do with you,” he chuckled, pushing his bangs out of his eyes, revealing amber colored eyes.  “My name is Mikkel and you are going to bare my child, even if you’re not willing, you will have it.”

Pushing himself deeper into his seat, he bit his lip as he wished for his lover, partner, mate and husband.  “If you think you’re going to get away with this, you’re sadly mistaken.”  Shirou warned him as he looked away from the window.  “You’re more concerned about pure blood, but you never gave it any thought about anyone else but  yourself.  You’ve made a big mistake in taking me and my pup and you’ll pay.”  He whispered something under his breath, knowing that this “Mikkel” had heard him.  The sudden pain in his cheek and the taste of blood in his mouth told him exactly that.

He could see the soul flare in anger and as he held Tadakuni close, he prayed for Yonekuni to find them soon.

4 thoughts on “Dark Desires

  1. The ocean was lovely (never got to set foot on the beach tho, pity…) but the view of this fic is even lovelier! :D

    Your first original bastardly bad guy! Oh I’m so proud of you! He’s quite a character too the way he makes my skin crawl. Now that’s an achievement in and of itself since OC’s generally just kind of fade out immediately after reading through them. Then again, this just the first of three so I’m curious to see how you’re going to proceed this. XD

    • To be honest, I really hate OC’s that get paired up with main characters. But I needed to do it to get the fic going and for the plot, since there’s hardly (or really, none) bad guys/girls so far in the manga. Not counting the one from the newest chapters that has a thing for Shinobu. But with Mikkel, he’s not perfect like you would see in oc’s or self insertion fics (which I dislike with a passion). He’s going to screw up and then get his ass kicked.

      The next part hopefully will be dark enough. Got the rough draft going, should be done by the end of Next Week.

      • Oh god yeah, I agree! OC’s paired romantically with the main characters are a BIG no-no. Mary Sues and Gary Stus should be wiped out of existence and self-insertion fics are UGH!!!!!

        I don’t really mind if the OC was created to move a plot along like Mikkel is supposed to do. As long as the OC do not overstep the invisible bound like initiating romantic overture towards one of the main character, or killing a main character, or taking an important position in the main characters life (especially if the OC is not a relative…or worse, if the OC is the supposed “long-lost relative”). Oh wait, I just described the MS/GS recs. *goes off to kill those irritating buggers*

        Bottom line, I can’t wait to read Yonekuni beating the crap out of Mikkel’s ass. WOOHOO!!!!!

        • And Mikkel isn’t even interest in Shirou romantically, only as someone to have his kid (not that he’ll succeed). And I’m itching to have Yonekuni kick his as so bad. Especially when he sees cuts and blood on Shirou and Tadakuni, along with the grazing from the bullets (still up in the air if Shirou will get shot. If he does, it’ll take him quiet a while to heal and I want them to have happy, romantic ending)

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