One fateful day pt 1 of 3

Title: One fateful day pt 1 of 3
Rating: PG
Pairing/Characters: Yonekuni & Shirou, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black
Series: Sex Pistols
Part of: Alt Universe; Crossover
Notes: I’ve been itching to write a Sex Pistols & Harry Potter.  This just an experiment drabble.  Remus & Sirius are out of character, I really need to practice on them.  Wish me luck!  Dance with the devil pt 3 of 3 is taking a lot longer, maybe it’ll be out by the end of this coming up week or the first week of the new year.

Though summer had taken a hold of them, the cool breeze that rushed by him seemed to belie the heat that was promised to come.  As the breeze seemed to die down and then pick up again, he caught the scent and taste of salt from the ocean close by.  If someone were to ask him point blank what he would be doing for his summer break, he would have answered something completely different than what he was doing now.  He never thought that before his and Yonekuni’s first year of college, he would find himself in England, visiting with Yonekuni’s father and his father’s husband.  The night before have been spent celebrating an anniversary, though with Yonekuni keeping his back to the wall, preventing David from surprising him from behind.  With the blond still in the rented cottage, fast asleep and though he was asleep, he knew the blond would refuse to come sight seeing iwth him.

Sighing to himself, knowing he couldn’t blame Yonekuni, he continued on his way.  The faint hint of clouds started to form in the sky, offering some shade from the sun, though brief that it was.  For being rather late in the morning, the streets were nearly empty, as were the stores.  A shopping bag held in his right hand, he headed down the street while his feet took him to a place he’d never been before.  Faintly humming to himself, his spirits picking up and his hopes high, the feeling of his skin prickling.  Hair on the back of his neck starting to stand and the feeling of being followed wasn’t his imagination.  There, behind him, stood a large, black dog.  Dark fur that looked matted while the animal looked emaciated.  Dark eyes that seemed to pierce him before he attempted to approach.

The sudden curl of lips over long fangs was the warning he received before he scolded himself.  He didn’t know the dog and knew he shouldn’t have tried to approach it.  For all he knew, the dog could be a stray.  Yonekuni always told him his heart was a little too soft and though he tried to brush away whatever Yonekuni had said, he knew the blond was right.  All he knew that there was something about the animal that seemed off, not right.  Turning around, he continued on his way, knowing that the dog was following him from a distance.  Every few minutes, he would look over his shoulder to see the animal following him.  And when he did pause, the growl of warning and he would continue.

The sound of waves breaking against the shore told him that he reached his destination, though he really didn’t remember how he got there.  Settling on a dune that overlooked the beach, setting the bag to his side while his companion stood off to the side, cocking his head when he reached into the bag.

“I bought too much,” a whisper to himself.  So used to buying for two and with Yonekuni and his appetite, he bought too much food.  The panting sound, watching the dog lick its muzzle while he opened the ready made sandwich.  Removing the wrapper, he held it out.

“Come here, boy.”

The dog gave him a curious look before he realized that he was speaking in Japanese.  Licking his lips, he called out again, this time in english.  A step closer and a sniff before another step.  The closer the dog got, the hint of a scent that called out to him.  He bit his lip to hold back any sounds while the dog moved closer.  And while the dog was just a step away, the scent became stronger and though it called out to him, it seemed to be mixed with something else.  The feel of the sandwich being snagged from his hand pulled him from the lull of his thoughts.  Watching the animal scarf down the food before handing him another.

As the animal ate, he talked quietly of his problems.  His worries of Yonekuni not touching him and he ended up spilling everything to the dog, never knowing that the animal sat there quietly, listening intently to him.  Looking off into the sea, seeing the clouds that started to build, he didn’t see a figure approaching him from the side and it was only when he heard the sound cursing did he turn.

An man, older than him by far, kneeling on the sand.  Pushing himself up, not bothering to be hesitant, he offered the man help up.  Easily seeing the wince of pain crossing the rugged face, he dropped his hand when the man pulled away only to see the man stumble a bit.  “Come on,” he stepped ahead, guiding the man to the place he was sitting, momentarily forgetting about the dog.  About to ask if the man was alright, he could hear the sound of a stomach rumbling.  The man’s head jerked up and the embarrassed laugh.

“I’m sorry about that,” a rough chuckle that seemed to have a tinge of embarrassment in it.

Shirou didn’t say anything, only smiling and pulling out some food from the bag and handing it to the man.  A surprised look that said “for me?” and a nod in his direction.  The scent that had seemed to call him earlier returned, only thicker and while the man ate, he handed the bag to the man and the dog, knowing that the two were more hungry than he was.  “You can have the rest, you and him.”  His head nodded towards the dog, who’s eyes seemed to be trained on the bag of food.

“By the way, my name is Fujiwara Shirou.”

The man’s scared face seemed to be in shock before he swallowed and wiped his lips.  “Err, thank you for the food.  I’m Lupin, by the way.  Remus Lupin.”  Shirou watched as the auburn haired male, Remus, turned to the dog and muttered words that were too low to hear.

“Is he yours?”  Wide eyes watched behind glasses as Remus seemed to look a little shocked before he shook his head.

“Uh, no, he’s not.  He’s a local stray that I feed.”

He sat in silence as the two finished off the food and he found himself wanting to know more.  Wanting to know what the scent was that seemed to call to the inner animal inside.  H was still sitting when the two got up and as they were about to walk away, he spoke up.

“If you live around here, would you mind meeting up tomorrow?  The person I’m with doesn’t want to go out.”  He seemed a little nervous.  He wasn’t sure if this was the right thing to do and wondered if Yonekuni would be mad, but he couldn’t stop.  “It would be nice to talk to some locals.  And if you’re hesitant, I don’t mind paying.”

Watching as Remus seemed hesitant before chancing a glance at the black dog.  As if the two were silently communicating with each other before turning towards him.  “Sure, if you don’t mind.  We’ll find you.”  A flutter erupting in his chest, a feeling he wasn’t used to and he smiled, looking forward to tomorrow.  As the clouds moved closer, he watched as the two walk away, watching them until the sound of his phone ringing.  Pulling and looking at the screen, he went to answer while searching for the two.

Pushing up from the dune that he had sat down earlier, he headed back to the small cottage, stopping at the store once more before heading back.  Knowing that Yonekuni would wonder were he was, Shirou wasn’t sure if he would tell the blond about what happened.

3 thoughts on “One fateful day pt 1 of 3

  1. Very interesting!!! I like it!!! Lol don’t push ur self too much!!! Cheering u on Neon and thank you for all ur hard work!!!

    • Thank you! I can’t get the idea out of my head of a werewolf and a regular wolf out of my head XD. But with this drabble, Yonekuni is going to get curious about the scent that Shirou seems to be carrying. A scent that isn’t his own and it’ll force him to move XD.

      Thank you very much for all your reviews, your comments! ^^

      • I love your fics so I also like telling you that your doing an amazing job!!! This story is very good! I like where they are, sounds very beautiful!!! Good job Neon!!!

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