In the form of punishment 1

Title: In the form of punishment 1
Rating: PG-13
Pairings/characters: Yonekuni & Shriou
Series: Sex Pistols
Part of: Alt Universe
Notes/Warnings: Very short drabble.  I want to make it up to Yonekuni for the way he’s going to be treated in “In the arms of another” so, here’s the start of several drabbles that’ll make the blond happy :3 Ratings will change as the drabbles progress

He had never been so angry in his life as he grabbed Shirou by his wrist, tugging the male as he walked away. Almost dragging him, forcing the wolf to keep up with his long stride. Anger flowing through him, jealousy kept his heart pounding hard while possessiveness made him grip Shirou’s wrist tighter, ignoring the pained sound.

When he felt a tug, the wolf trying to pull himself free, he turned his head and narrowed his eyes at him. Though it wasn’t all Shirou’s fault, he couldn’t see it. All he could see was his lover being cornered by his brother, away from the party and away from those that tried to get close to what was his.

“How could you let him get that close to you?” A mutter, he was certain Shirou heard him, going by the harsh intake of breath. He didn’t stop to think of anything but dragging Shirou towards his old bedroom. He didn’t think of the cold that started to get to him, only concetrating on getting Shirou into his room. Reaching the place he had set out for, the party nothing more than a faint whisper from were they stood. Opening the door with a slam, pulling Shirou inside and slamming the door hard, locking it before looking down at the one who sat on the bed.

“Do you have any idea what he wanted to do to you?” A question, asked with a voice much more calmer than he actually felt. The startled look, eyes shifting to the side had him much more riled up than the silence that followed his question. Pulling off the tie he wore, approaching the heavyweight and pushed Shirou to the bed, forcing his chest down while he grabbed the wolf’s arms.

With his tie clenched in his right hand, he pulled Shirou’s arms behind him and wrapped the tie around Shirou’s wrists. A sound pulled his attention from his task, looking up to Shriou’s face and to his surprise, the flush on pale cheeks and glasses hanging crookedly off of his lover’s nose. He smirked to himself, putting away the information he had learned about the wolf. Never thinking that the male would be into this sort of play, he wondered how far Shirou would let him go.

6 thoughts on “In the form of punishment 1

  1. I love it!!! shiro must be enjoying the attention!!! Hahaha I like u rough!!! Hehehe sorry me and my perverted mind hehehe thank you for your hard work!!!

    • Shirou is. I think he did it to get Yonekuni’s attention and to get him riled up. I wonder how far Yonekuni is going to go and how much Shirou will enjoy it XD

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