In the form of punishment 2

Title: In the form of punishment 2
Rating: Hard R
Pairings/characters: Yonekuni & Shriou
Series: Sex Pistols
Part of: Alt Universe; Second part to In the form of punishment 1
Notes/Warnings: Very short drabble. I want to make it up to Yonekuni for the way he’s going to be treated in “In the arms of another” so, here’s the second part of several drabbles that’ll make the blond happy :3 Ratings will change as the drabbles progress.  Please forgive spelling mistakes, this was written at work and I don’t have spell checker here >.>

Biting his lip to hold back the sounds he wanted to make as Yonekuni pulled his arms behind him, the feel of the tie being wrapped and tied around his wrists felt good. So good that he couldn’t help the moan that escaped from him. His face hot, barely able to see as his glasses slid down his nose. He heard Yonekuni speak, though with the blood pounding in his ears, he barely understood what the blond was speaking.

Being forced up on his knees, chest shoved down, he relished in the quick movements that Yonekuni made. The harsh touches, clothing being jerked down enough to bare his ass to his lover’s gaze. The sting of pain as a hand came down, fingers wrapping in his hair while his head was jerked back. Managing to look out of the corner of his eyes while his head was turned. Easily recognizing the sadistic smile that Yonekuni wore had his heart racing in anticipation.

He would never admit that at times, he would purposely provoke Yonekuni to get the result he wanted. He enjoyed the possessive way the blond would take him, enjoying the feel of his lover sinking inside him. Words that were laced with want and need, jealousy evident in the way the blond spoke. Harsh and quick, just the way he was being spoken too right now.

Crying out as the slap to his ass surprised him, a gentle touch to the stinging skin followed by another slap. Just as he started getting into it, the hand pulled away. He didn’t mean to let out the whine of disappointment, almost begging for more when he felt the rub of Yonekuni’s clothing coverd cock. Rubbing slowly, words in his ears before the sharp nip of teeth against skin.

“I never knew you had a side like this, Shirou.”  Warm breath against his skin, a nose rubbing along his neck.  “Why haven’t you shown me?  I’d love to punish you more.”  A harsh push of hips before the pressure against him was pulled away.  “I would have brought what I bought you long ago.  I would love to see how you’d look, collared and chained.  Just like the dog that you are.”

A thrill ran though him at the thought, his body moving on its own accord.  Legs spreading as much as they could with his pants restricting him.  A push back, silently telling his blond lover what he wanted, what he’d be willing to do to get what he wanted.  The harsh moan, he dropped his head to hide the smile as Yonekuni gave in, shivering at the punishing bite that the reptile gave him.

2 thoughts on “In the form of punishment 2

  1. Oh my goodness!!!! Shirou likes being punished? Hahahaha that’s so sexy!!! With yonekuni being a jerk all the time, shirou purposely gets yonekuni jealous? Wow dang!!! Shirou is smart!!! Hahaha I like where this is going!!! Thanks Neon!

    • I think he does, if he keeps on coming back for more. He’s got to be a little masochist if he endures the treatment Yonekuni gives him. I’m thinking of more drabbles that would feature Yonekuni punishing Shirou or Shirou punishing Yonekuni (which I’d love to imagine). So many possibilities to write, so much smut XD

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