Title: Lust
Rating: R
Pairing/Characters: Yoshikuni, Yoshikuni & Tadakuni, Ayaka
Series: Sex Pistols
Part of: Alt Universe; Set roughly fifteen years after the end of Caught in the eye of the storm. Part of Seven Deadly Sins Envy
Notes/Warnings: He’s grown up and found love, but love hasn’t found him. A short drabble from Madarame Yoshikuni’s side.  He’s lustful and horny, wanting a piece of tail that comes his way but always comes back to the one that makes his heart race.  Written to the prompt: Lust.  One of seven drabbles that’ll center around the seven deadly sins (each title will refer to each deadly sin).

Always able to hide his feelings, be it anger or jealousy, he had no problem with his emotions taking over.  That was, until he caught his blond cousin walking with another male.  Feelings that he had been denying himself and though he was young, he knew what he wanted and what he wanted was forbidden to him.

It didn’t stop him from stealing a kiss when he was young.  No, it didn’t stop him from approaching Tadakuni and starting this strange relationship.  He kept his secret of being addicted to the wolf’s body, losing himself in Tadakuni’s embrace and only told himself that when he pulled away, it was for the best.

The relationships he had while he kept Tadakuni off to the side were fun, enjoying the want the girls had for him.  But it was never enough and he found himself showing up at his uncle’s house to see Tadakuni.  The way his heart pounded, body trembling with excitement at sinking into the wolf’s body.

But he never knew, standing on the doorstep of the house, stepping back when the door opened, he caught sight of his cousin.

“Oh, it’s you.  Is Tadakuni in?”

Catching the smug look the crocodile wore, he held back the flinch when he saw her raise her arm.  He remembered the feel of her fist slamming into his nose, breaking it when she demanded he end the relationship with Tadakuni. Of course, at the time, he laughed in her face.  How could she have known about his relationship with her brother?  It didn’t help that she always held a dislike for him, almost as if she knew years in advance how he’d treat her brother.  He would never be close to her, which was okay with him.  He wasn’t attracted to her, only her brother.

Curling his lip in disgust as the smug look grew, a smirk crossing and she spoke.

“I thought you know, it looks like you’ve been dumped. For someone better in my opinion.”  She stated cheerfully, as though she wasn’t delivering devastating news.  “You really should have kept your dick in your pants instead of fucking those girls you insist on being with.  I wouldn’t be surprised if you caught something the way you chase after girls.”

The faint sound of a growl emanated from his chest and another rumble, coming from Ayaka.  As if she was matching his anger.

“No wonder Tadakuni insisted you wear a condom.”  Blue eyes looked him up and down, a nasty smile was given. “He probably didn’t want your seed and whatever disease you carry.  You should have treated him better.”

2 thoughts on “Lust

  1. OMG way to go Ayaka, go girl!!! Protect your brother ;-)
    I bet Yoshikuni doesn’t know on which foot he should stand now, it’s only once you lose something that you realise how precious it was.
    It was short, but the tension was palpable. As always I’ve only got one word…. AMAZING!
    Thanks for the drabble ^^

    • She needs to protect her brother, almost as if deep down, her brother would be hurt deeply by others. You’re right, Yoshikuni doesn’t know, but there will be more. You’re very welcome :3

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