The drug of choice

Title: The drug of choice
Rating: NC-17
Characters/Pairings: Yonekuni & Shirou
Series: Sex Pistols
Part of: Alt Universe
Notes/Warnings: It’s valentines day and Yonekuni is stuck working.  When a female coworker hands him some chocolate, Yonekuni never knew what was in it.  But he soon finds a drugged Shirou and finds a way to relieve the canine.  For Catherine, who gave me this idea.  I hope I did it justice.  I’m rusty on sex scenes, need to practice ^^

He could feel the muscles in his cheeks protest as he smiled, hiding the frustration he felt.  Repeating back what the couple had ordered, he excused himself.  Glancing around the restaurant, he couldn’t help the feeling of jealousy fill him at the sight of the couples that occupied the tables, filling the restaurant rather quickly.  It couldn’t be helped, it was, after all, valentines day.  A day that he usually wouldn’t pay attention to unless the girls that he hung around with brought him chocolate.  Chocolate that he would enjoy, though he wouldn’t let anyone know that he enjoyed it.  Away from the tables and through the double doors that lead to the kitchen, the sound of his coworkers chattering took his mind off the couples that were enjoying the romantic day.

Glancing around the kitchen, spying the clock that hung on the way and the sound of relief that escaped his lips.  One last order and he was done for the night.  Slipping his hand into his pocket and fingering his phone, he gave the order to one of the chefs before turning at the call of his name.  The young woman, the one waitress that he slept with stood beside him.  “Here, I thought you would like these, Yonekuni-kun,” the girl, Inuyama, offered, holding out a finely wrapped box out to him, “they’re from the store that’s just down the street from here.  I thought you’d might like them.  Y-you do like chocolate, right?”

He held back from answering right away, knowing that if he spoke truthfully, he would end up hurting the girl’s feelings.  But he didn’t want to make a scene, wanting nothing more than the day to be over with so he could be with his lover.  So instead of telling the truth that he didn’t care much for sweets, he just nodded and took the box that Inuyama handed to him.  “Yeah, I do like chocolates.  Thank you, Inuyama-san.”  About to turn, to head towards the employee locker room and slip the box into his bag, he stopped when he felt the warm hand on his arm, reminding him of the slight heat that the woman had given him a while back.

“Oh!  Um-, you’re not going to have one right now, are you?  I mean, I want to see if you like this brand.” The embarrassed flush to the woman’s cheeks and the stutter, seeing the woman look away from his gaze.  He didn’t have to guess what she was thinking, seeing eyes peeking up to him and then darting away quickly. “No, I’ll have one later.  My shift is almost over.”  He explained as he spun the combination and opened the locker.  Slipping it inside with the other chocolate he received, he turned and saw the down turned expression that the woman wore.  Guilt at him for brushing her off and while he was already taken, he still wanted to live up to the prince like dream that the girls have dubbed him with.  Forcing away the smile that he had been wearing, feeling a genuine starting to spread.  “I’m sorry, Inuyama-san.  I’ll let you know when I come into work after school on Monday, okay?  It’s just that I’ve got plans tonight and I want my shift to hurry up and finish.”

His words truthful, he could see the down turned look change to that of hopefulness and the nodding of a blond head.  He watched her turn and leave the locker room before pulling out his phone, calling the one number that he now knew by heart.  The ringing and the sound of Shirou’s voice when the male answered. Talking quietly, he glanced at those who entered, watching the curious looks sent his way before he hung up, heading back for the last hour of his shift.  The call of his name and the nod towards the plates.  Forcing a smile once more, he carried the order to the table, knowing that it was his last for the night.


Shivering under the layers of clothing he wore, Yonekuni shifted the bag on his shoulder as he walked quickly from the train station towards the one home that he knew he would be welcomed.  Glancing down at the plastic bag he carried, the order that he placed before finishing his shift at the restaurant. A dinner alone, just the two of them with the house to themselves.  Hidden deep in his bag, under the box of chocolates was two bottles of expensive and fancy lubrication that he had been eying for some time.

He could remember seeing the bottles at a shop that he passed by every time he came to and from work, sold in a little shop that was in the same shopping district as the restaurant.  Displayed for the sole purpose of drawing curious customers inside, especially for the day that was solely meant for lovers.  Lovers.  The mere thought of the word left a feeling in his chest, his heart thrumming in excitement, in ways that he couldn’t describe.  He wasn’t used to the word lover, but he was with the one person who left his body and mind excited in a way that no one else was able to do. Curling his fingers tighter around the handles of the bag, he walked faster, glancing at his watch and knew he had to hurry.

Slipping past those who were walking a little too slow for him, seeing the platform ahead, he gave a sigh of relief.  In little time, his was off, knowing that his stop was just a few minutes ahead.  Glancing out of the corner of his eye, seeing the movement of other passenger, the few that were riding anyway.  It seemed that majority of the population was already out, enjoying the romantic night.  Through the cold glass windows, he watched the lights of the city blur by, becoming nothing more that a distant memory when the overhead announcement chimed in.  The slowing of the train, bracing himself and waiting for the full stop and the parting of the double doors.  Stepping out of the warm train and into the frigid night away, he shifted the bag he held and followed the path that he knew by heart.  Steps quick as he pulled the scarf he wore closer in the hopes of warming up, hiding his smile at the sight of the familiar house and the light that drew him in.

A quick hand unlocked the gate before him, slipping past before locking it, up the path and the steps that stopped in front of the door.  Raising his hand to knock, only to pause at the sound of the tumblers of the lock moving and the faint creak of the door opening, the welcoming face of Shirou. Stepping back as the door fully opened, he caught sight of the apron that Shirou wore and the flour that dusted the hands that had mapped his body many times.

“Come in, Yonekuni, you must be cold.”

He could never get over the thrill of his name being spoken by Shirou, instead of what Shirou used to call him, stepping inside the warmth of the house.  Lifting the plastic bag he carried, handing it to Shirou before slipping his bag off his shoulder, quickly shrugging off his jacket.  He couldn’t help but watch the way the heavyweight canine acted, almost as if his lover was practicing in becoming a wife.  Feeling his lips twitch at the thought, he couldn’t picture Shirou staying home and taking care of everything.  No, he didn’t think that Shirou would be one to be comfortable staying home and playing homemaker.  Instead, he could imagine the male in the position of power.  Chuckling, he caught the curious look that his lover gave him and just shook his head.  He didn’t think that Shirou would like it if he was imagining him as a home maker, though he had to admit to himself that he liked the way his lover looked in an apron.  Toeing off his shoes, he grabbed his school bag and followed Shirou further into the house, catching the flush on Shirou’s cheeks.

Past the living room, pausing to toss his bag to the floor, he caught sight of the decked out table and the bottle of wine that must have been chilling for several hours.  Sneaking a look at Shirou one last time, he couldn’t help the smirk that crossed his face.  “I see that I wasn’t the only one looking forward to this,” his teasing words were met with his lover coloring even more, “ready to eat?”


‘Really,’ he thought to himself as he helped Shirou pull the food out of the plastic bag, ‘did Shirou even know what he did to him?’  He held back a sigh, reaching for the bottle of wine and with a loud pop, the cork was removed.  He never knew that this romantic day for lovers would be something completely different from what he was thinking it would be.  With the capability to seat several people, he wasn’t surprised to see Shirou take a seat next to him at the table, feeling the brush of legs against his and the look that was sent his way.


Holding back what he wanted to say as Yonekuni excused himself, he watched the blond pause and look over his shoulder, trying to hold back the shiver that ran through his body at the look blue eyes held.  “There are some bottles in my bag, could you get them out for me?”  Swallowing, Shirou nodded, looking over at the bag that lay on the floor where the heavyweight tossed it.  Once he heard the bathroom door close with a click, he pushed himself to move, drying his hands before he knelt down on the floor and opened the bag that Yonekuni carried to and from school, licking his lips nervously.  He felt guilty looking through the blond’s bag, despite the fact that Yonekuni had asked him to grab some bottles that he carried.

Curiosity got the better of him, seeing things that Yonekuni carried with him.  He easily found the bottles that Yonekuni had mentioned, reading the label and flushing at the thought of the lubrication being used on him, his imagination supplying ideas that made his heart race. About to close the bag, he caught sight of a box of chocolates, which was a little strange since he knew that Yonekuni wasn’t one to have much of a sweet tooth.  Did Yonekuni figure out that he enjoyed treats such as these?  Giving himself a little shake, he fought with himself before opening up the box just enough to see the variety of chocolates.  Finding his fingers hovering over several, telling himself that he shouldn’t take one unless Yonekuni offered.  Fighting with his conscious, he picked one from the center and took a bite.

Feeling the chocolate melt on his tongue and the faintest spice on the back of his throat as he chewed.  Glancing up to make sure that Yonekuni hadn’t seen him eat a chocolate, he couldn’t help but grab another before slipping the cover back on and placed it back inside Yonekuni’s bag.  With the bottles set aside, he pushed himself and clenched his eyes tight when he felt his head start to throb and felt the room start to spin. Pressing his lips together to keep from calling out, he felt his heart start to race as his breathing quickly became labored.  Struggling to make it the couch, he all but fell onto the welcoming cushions as he felt his body slowly start to tremble, joining the heat that started working its way through him.

Bowing his head, he kept his eyes closed as he struggled to get control over his body.  Never seeing the figure of his lover stepping out of the bathroom and the click of a light, the quick footsteps and the figure that knelt down to look up at him.

“What’s wrong?”

He could only gasp at the sudden feel of a cool hand on his forehead, the faintest and sudden, if only temporary, relief.  Forcing his eyes open, he looked into worried blue eyes.  Licking his dry lips, opening his mouth several times before he could form words. “C-chocolate.  I had some of the chocolate in your bag and now-“

His words were bitten off as the heat inside him coiled and grew, coursing through him faster, feeling his body start to throb.  “M-my body feels hot.”  The feel of a thumb rubbing against his bottom lip, watching through hazy eyes as Yonekuni licked at the same thumb that rubbed his lower lip before kneeling down to rummage through his bag.  he watched the blond head duck and the mutter of words as the heavyweight found what he was looking for.  The loud curse echoed in the air and the toss of a box back onto the floor before he felt the supporting arm around his chest, slowly urging him to his feet.

“Come on, lets get you to your room.  I-,” the tsking sound of Yonekuni’s voice and the words that were almost reluctant in coming, “the chocolate that you ate, it contained an aphrodisiac, a drug.”  He caught the downturn of Yonekuni’s lips in a fierce frown, though the saw the barest hints of color on his lover’s cheeks.

“D-drug?”  Shirou winced at the stumble of his voice, ashamed that he couldn’t control his body, wanting to look away from Yonekuni but couldn’t.  “Why did you buy chocolate that was drugged?”

“I didn’t!”  The answer snapped back at him and the sigh when Yonekuni caught his flinch.  “I didn’t buy the chocolates, I mean.  A coworker gave them to me.  No wonder she was so insistent on me eating one before putting the box in my bag.”  The words spoken softly as they reached the second story, slowly being guided down the hall to his room.  The turn of blue eyes on him, as if Yonekuni had felt him looking at him, the light color that dusted the blond’s cheeks darkened.

“If I knew you liked chocolate, I would have picked some up some-” Yonekuni paused, remembering that it was the other way around on valentine’s day.  That the girls gave the men they liked chocolates and that a month later, it would be the men’s turn to return and give the girls the chocolate.  Stopping the sound that rose in his chest at the heat that the canine gave off, he guided Shirou into his bedroom and urged the breathless canine onto the bed.  “Just stay right there, I’ll be back in a minute.”

He knew he was acting out of character around Shirou.  With other people, he wasn’t gentle nor was he patient.  Why should he show others a side of himself that he didn’t want to acknowledge?  But with his lover, he couldn’t help but hold back his sharp tongue.  To show the male that he was a perfect candidate for his attentions, to prevent the canine from looking for someone else.  To him, it was almost as if he was attempting to court Shirou.  Ducking his head in embarrassment at his thoughts, he quickly bounded down the stairs and to where Shirou had been sitting just minutes earlier.  Kneeling down and grabbing the box of chocolate that he had tossed to the side, shoving it back into his back before scooping up the two bottles that Shirou had taken out before he collapsed.  Grabbing his bag, he turned and took the stairs two at a time, walking quickly back down the hall and into the room that he had just left.

Light from the lamp on Shirou’s desk illuminated the room, giving it a soft glow and allowing him to see that instead of sitting on the bed where he left Shirou, his lover was curled under blankets.  Catching the faint trembling of the body underneath, he approached and reached down, pulling away the blankets that Shirou had taken cover under.

“U-Y-Yonekuni, I’m sorry, but I’m not feeling so good.”  The color on Shirou’s cheeks had darkened, the gasps that the male had tried to cover and the way pale eyes avoided looking at his.  The glance and watching them dart away, almost in embarrassment as a sound that resembled a moan escaped.  A hand that lifted and pointed towards the door, the words that accompanied the hand.  “I-it would be better if you just go home-“

He hide his smile against the back of Shirou’s hand, the tip of his tongue tasting the salt on the canine’s skin.  “Why are you so insistent of sending me home?”  Murmuring softly against skin, trailing his lips to nimble fingers.  “Don’t tell me that you’re ashamed of what the chocolates doing to your body, because I plan to help you through this, even if I didn’t know about the drugged treat.”

He flashed the heavyweight canine a look, watching Shirou slowly sit up and move, as though his lover was trying to hide his body’s reactions.  “Is this what you’re trying to hide?”  Reaching out and down, feeling the hard flesh twitching and strain under his touch.  A smirk on his face when he slipped the button free and slowly lowering the zipper.  “Why are you ashamed of this?”  He gave Shirou’s cock a gentle squeeze, reveling in the sound of pleasure and want escaped from the aroused male.  “Aren’t you like this because you’re turned on?  And while you’re like this, why don’t I help you get off?”

His fingers outlined Shirou through his clothes, enjoying the gasp and thrust of hips, forcing the flesh further into his grasp.  Teasing Shirou slowly with his touch, gently working the fastenings of the male’s pants to give his hand room to slip inside, past the clothing that blocked his way, he slipped his hand inside.  He tried to hide his surprise, though he couldn’t hold back the smile that curled at his lips at the feel of dampness and the shame that crossed  the heavyweight’s face.

“Y-you see?  I-I can’t control myself,” Shirou looked away from him, “just thinking about you and my-” the swallow that the male made was loud enough to hear and the lick to a lower lip, “my body reacts to my thoughts.”

Pulling his hand free, seeing the fluid that clung to his fingers, almost translucent, giving just a hint of the fluid that was slowly building up inside the wolf.  Bringing his hand up, he slow sniffed at his fingers, catching the musk like smell that belonged to Shirou only.  A low moan, deep and rumbling in his chest as he licked at a finger, the taste that rolled across his tongue.  Catching the drops of Shirou’s pre-cum, he kept his gaze on his lover’s face, the expression that melted to pleasure.  Licking another finger, he knew Shirou was watching the movement of his tongue as he caught more of the fluid.  Reaching out, he pulled and tugged at Shirou’s loose pants, tugging the clothing down and urging the heavyweight to lift his legs up enough to pull Shirou’s pants down and off, tossing the clothing off to the side.

“There, that’s much better,” he eyed the half-naked male and the sight that he provided, “I can see why you thought you’d be ashamed.  But you know,” the tips of his fingers slid along Shirou’s pale legs, “you shouldn’t be ashamed.  After all, I love it when you’re like this.  It shows that you want me.”  Moving his fingers inward, gently touching the quivering flesh that strained up at him and the gasp of his name as his hand curled around Shirou’s cock.

Moving quickly, he knelt on the  bed and between Shirou’s legs, staring down at the flushed male, seeing and watching the heavyweight squirm under his gaze.  Pushing up the edges of the buttoned shirt, he ducked his head, running his hand up the pale stomach while he traced the lines of Shirou’s muscles with the tip of his tongue, dipping and following downwards.  Moving further down, the tip of Shirou’s cock bumped the underside of his chin.  Glancing up, he caught sight of the wide, gray eyes and a bottom lip being worried.  He could read the words in Shirou’s eyes, could only imagine the words that the heavyweight wanted to speak.  “Don’t even say it.  You’re not, okay?”  Staring intently into wide eyes until he saw the hesitant nod.

Forcing legs up, he nuzzled the hard flesh with his nose before the tip of his tongue darted out, enjoying the musk of Shirou’s skin.  Yonekuni licked his way up to the crown of his lover’s flesh, feeling Shirou’s legs start to tremble and the startled cry when he fully took the heavyweight in his mouth.  He was embarrassed to admit that he didn’t know what  he was doing when it came to pleasing Shirou like this, relying heavily on what the canine did to him.  Weighing Shirou’s cock on his tongue, he picked up the rhythm that seemed to falter when his lover bucked upwards, forcing him to pull back.  Fingertips teased and explored the base of Shirou’s cock, slipping downward to cup the taunt sack, rolling it gently in the palm of his hand before feeling downward and deeper to the hidden spot that he had sunken into so many times.

Rubbing the pads of his fingers against the small, twitching hole, while his free hand cupped Shirou’s flesh.  “Your body is waiting for me, are you imagining me sinking inside you?”  He asked, licking at the falling droplets of pre-cum.  “Hmm?  Can you feel me rubbing against you?”  Fingers pushing against the hole gently, testing to see if he could slip into Shirou’s body with nothing to ease the way, pulling away when he caught the wince  on his lover’s face.  The bottle of lubrication that he bought was grabbed, breaking the safety seal and flipping the cap open, tilting the bottle and giving it just the right squeeze, watching the slick gel fall free from the bottle and onto his fingers.  The slight tilt of hips, the eagerness that filled his lover’s eyes, as though the canine couldn’t wait for his touch.

A rough sound, resembling a rumble deep in his chest and the answering sound he received in return.  He could see it, could sense the soul that always called out to him.  Catching the widening of gray eyes and the low moan that escaped from Shirou, he let his soul slip more.  His control, being held together with the barest of threads, was being tested.  Baring his teeth in a vicious grin, he slipped his slick fingers back to Shirou’s ass, rubbing against the small hole.  Chuckling to himself, pushing one finger in, watching Shirou’s body slowly accept the digit.  The heat that surrounded his finger, the vise like grip that the heavyweight had on him.  Waiting for only a moment before pushing a second finger in, the groan and the crook of his fingers, pressing against the one spot that had Shirou arching his back and gripping tightly on the blankets below.  Swallowing hard, he reached down to the fastenings of his pants, feeling his cock strain  at his clothes.  With practice, he slipped the button free and got th zipper down, giving him room to slip his hand inside.

Giving his cock a squeeze in attempt to relieve the pressure that he felt was mounting, he didn’t want to come in his pants without any stimulation, not like a young kid.  He was better than that.

“Yo..Yonekuni…”  The call of his name, looking up to see Shirou struggling to sit up, leaning against one hand while the other reached out to him, “p-please give me-more.”  The plea in the heavyweight’s voice had him pulling his free with a slight sound that was ignored by the canine, rearing up and kneeling.  his fingers were quick, struggling to slip the buttons free, uncaring of the sound of clothing being ripped and buttons that couldn’t handle the strain, ripping off.  Tossing the ruined shirt to the side, he pushed the rest of his clothing down his hips and off, letting his pants hang off the side of the bed, uncaring as he resumed his position between Shirou’s parted legs.  Grabbing the bottle that had been set aside, he squeezed the lubrication, just enough to give his flesh a good, slick coat before he leaned over Shirou’s body.

Hands that grabbed at his shoulders and fingers that curled, clutching at him, legs that came up to cradle him, allowing him steal lips while he guided himself into the lubricated hole.  Catching the hitch in Shirou’s breathing when he pushed, the groan that rumbled out of his chest was muffled by the kiss as he settled further against Shirou.  Pulling back to catch his breath, he could only stare down in wonder.  No matter how many times he thought about it, he could never get over the feeling of Shirou wrapped around him.  As though the heavyweight was made just for him.  His lips moved, forming words that had Shirou flushed, reaching up to cup his cheek and the finger that pressed against his lips, silencing him.

“You don’t have to say anything, Yonekuni.”  Fingers through the back of his hair, gently urging him closer.  Smiling against the finger, leaning in and kissing Shirou softly before he pulled back again, seeing the anticipation in Shirou’s eyes.  Pushing forward, he felt Shirou’s body tighten around him while legs that cradled him pulled him closer.  Slowly picking up a rhythm that they both knew, he couldn’t help watching the emotion that crossed Shirou’s face, the deep flush and the muffled cries, watching teeth biting down to muffle the sounds that his lover was making.  Slowing his movement, he reached out to grasp at the hand that was coming up, as though the canine wanted to cover his mouth with it.

“Why are you muffling your cries?”  He gave a shallow thrust, barely brushing up against the heavyweight’s sweet spot, watching Shirou struggle to hold back the sounds before he gave another push, reaching down and cupping Shirou’s cock.  The licking of lips and the bobbing adam’s apple as Shirou swallowed, trying to form words.

“B-because I don’t-AH!”  His hand jerked at the flesh it held, moving deeper and brushing against Shirou’s prostate, watching the body below tremble with pleasure.  The gasps as the canine tried to catch his breath, ignoring the sting of blunt fingernails digging into the skin of his shoulders and the sudden tightness that squeezed him.

“I-I don’t want to be over heard.”

He could only stare in disbelief at the answer.  It was Shirou who told him that it would be just the two of them.  That they were the only one’s around.  Holding back a sound that would be a laugh at Shirou’s forgetfulness, his lover was so lost in the pleasure that he forgot that they were the only ones in the house.

“Don’t you remember?  It’s just you and me here.”

“I-it’s not just that, it’s embarrassing.”

He watched the heavyweight turn away, the pleasured flush that covered Shirou’s face darkened to that of an embarrassment color.  Saying nothing, he just chuckled low enough, moving once more as he turned Shirou’s head to face him.  “Don’t be embarrassed, I love the sound of your cries.  It tells me that you’re enjoying what I’m doing to you.”  Ducking his head to nuzzle the underside of the canine’s chin, licking at the sweat that started to dot and gather along pale skin.  “If you weren’t making such noises, I’d be more than worried that you weren’t enjoying what I’m doing.”  His rhythm picking up speed as he felt his body start to tense, feeling his body start to falter, sinking his teeth into the juncture of Shirou’s neck and tasting blood as he came.

The panting of his name in his ear, the grip that the body below hadn’t released and instead, tightened as he pulled away from Shirou’s neck.  The droplets of blood that quickly appeared, swelling in size before he licked at the reddened skin, washing away the blood with a swipe of his tongue.  Holding back a groan, he pulled away and rolled onto his back, pulling Shirou on top of him, forcing the canine to ride him.  Trailing his gaze down Shirou’s body, pausing at the sight of the hard, reddened flesh between Shirou’s legs, the canine groaned and shifted.  The weight forced Shirou down further on his cock, giving him the ability to reach deeper.  To be fully seated inside his lover’s body.

“You like this, don’t  you?  I’m in deeper this way-”  he paused, slapping Shirou’s hand as it crept up, “no, I think I’m going to keep you like this.  Hard and,” flicking his fingers across the dark, flared head of Shirou’s cock, “waiting.  But you know, it always surprises me how your body can accommodate my size.”  Hands slipping behind, one grasping at a cheek and spreading so he could feel the stretched entrance, feeling Shirou’s muscles tense as the wolf slowly, hesitantly, move up on his cock before making the downward movement.


He grinned up at Shirou, fingertips slipping inside the already stretched hole, his cum slowly trickling out, coating the inside of his thighs.    “Teasing you like this,” forcing Shirou’s hips further down, enjoying the pleasure that crossed the canine’s face, the pleading that he could read in his lover’s gray eyes.  Smiling as he pulled his fingers free before Shirou leaned down, their movement slow as words that rang with truth.  He couldn’t help but whisper the words back, watching with satisfaction as Shirou stiffened, spilling his cum between them.

“I love you,” he uttered softly into the heavyweight’s ear as Shirou braced his hand on the sides of his head, “don’t ever thing different, okay?”  Deep down, he knew Shirou was still unsure, almost as though he was afraid of the happiness that had come his way.  Reaching up, he brushed away sweaty bangs, watching Shirou lick his lips and nod.  Stealing a quick kiss, he pushed upwards, startling the male.

“W-wait!  We just did-“

“Do you think that your body will be satisfied with just one go?  We’ve got all night, Shirou.”


He wasn’t sure what woke him up hours later, though he could guess it was the feel of the empty bed next to him.  Having tried to reach over to pull his sleeping lover close, pull Shirou into the curve of his body.  But instead of Shirou being next to him, sleeping or maybe looking at him as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes, the bed was cool to the touch.  Rubbing at his eyes, blinking as he sat up, glancing around the dim bedroom.  What light that filtered through the curtains provided just enough to allow him to slip out of bed and maneuver around the bedroom.  As he slipped his pants on, reaching out to part the curtains to glance out the widow, hearing the rumbling of thunder and the dark, over cast skies.  Pulling his ruined shirt on, he caught the faint sounds and the hint of food being cooked.

Following the sounds out of the bedroom and down the hall, taking the steps of the stairs quietly before finding his missing lover standing in the kitchen, his back to him and the apron tied around his waist.  The same apron that Shirou had worn the night before.  He found himself moving, molding himself against Shirou’s back while nuzzling against the canine’s neck.

“Feeling better?”  He asked, mouthing at the spot that seemed to radiate Shirou’s scent.

“Yeah-I mean, yes, I’m feeling better.  Thanks to you.”

Catching the faint coloring of the head that ducked, turning Shirou’s head and stealing lips in a quick kiss.  Tracing the seam of Shirou’s lips, he pulled back and smiled.  “Any thing for you.  Seeing you like that last night, debauched and wanting, willing for more.  Though you seemed to deny it yourself last night.  You were sexy last night as you rode me.”  He chuckled, watching Shirou turn away in embarrassment.

As he helped Shirou with breakfast, he didn’t see that box of chocolate that was situated to the side, half hidden in the shadows.  The same box of chocolate that Shirou had gotten into the night before.  If he had seen the box, he would have asked why Shirou brought it out.  He would have spoken up if he had caught the calculated look that his lover shot him, would have asked why it was out.  No, with his back to Shirou, he didn’t see the box being pushed deeper into the shadows to be used later.

2 thoughts on “The drug of choice

  1. Ohhhh I love it!!! Every part of it, this have been the best valantine’s day they had up until now. U did a great job with this neon, this was the best way to wake up (reading this) ^_^ Happy Valantine’s day to you Kellie from here im sending you a large hug and lots of kisses!!! :*

    • Thank you very much! I’m really glad you like it. It was actually supposed to be much smuttier, but I had trouble writing out the sex scene. Happy Valentine’s day to you too! *hugs* :3

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